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Our Philosophy

Natural Ingredients 

Discover the Difference Nature Makes.
Long before man became involved in chemistry, civilizations functioned very nicely with things found in nature... mint leaves to ease a queasy stomach, lavender to calm nerves, aloe vera for burns.
We agree that nature has provided a remedy for many things, including body odor. Our base recipe works together to kill odor causing bacteria and absorb odor that might occur.
Our proprietary blend of essential oils don`t mask odor, they simply provide a gentle, pleasing scent.​
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Chemical Free

Proudly 100% Sustainable.
This ​explains the glass jar.Even our packaging avoids chemicals. Plastic deodorant containers are just like any other plastic and risk chemical leaching when you pour a hot liquid into it. By pouring our formula into a glass jar, we avoid the chance of chemical leaching, so the ingredients in the deodorant are only the ones we add. 

Not tested on animals  

Never Tested on Animals. 
Animals don`t need deodorant, so why would we test it on them?!​