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How much do I use?

You have to use enough to cover your armpit area, so about the amount of a pea. Everyone is different though, you'll find what works best for you. If you put on enough, you won't smell.

How do I put it on?

Just using your finger. If you find that the deodorant is too firm in the far, use the back of your fingernail. After about a week of using the deodorant, you`ll notice that it will soften in the jar to a paste texture. If you dont want to scoop it out with your finger, you can always use a spoon or a small stick and then soften it between your fingers to put it on.

How long will a jar last?

Approximately 4-5 months.

How does it work?

By using ingredients that kill odor causing bacteria and ingredients that absorb odor, I Luv It deodorants keep you smelling amazing ALL DAY.

Will I get a rash?

Not a lot of people get rashes, but when someone does there are a few of reasons why it could happen. We've found that the best remedy for all of them is Apple Cider Vinegar. Apply some apple cider vinegar to a cotton ball and apply it to your under arms before bed. 

Bacteria on your razor: True story. Bacteria that naturally grows on your skin stays on your razor. If you leave it in the shower, it creates the perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria. This bacteria irritates your skin and causes rashes.

High or low pH level of sweat - Believe it or not, sweat with a very high level of alkaline or a high level of acidity can cause a rash under your arms. This can be cause from a wide variety of things, from what you eat to the stress hormones you produce.

How do I detox my armpits?

The switch to natural deodorant isn't seamless for everyone. After years of using conventional deodorant, your pores hold onto the metals and chemical ingredients that you've been applying. When you stop using them, your body smarts kick in and start to clean all that gunk out of your pores. Your body is reacting to the toxins your cleaning out. If this happens, stop using the deodorant for a few days. You can't use conventional deodorant during this time, or the process of cleaning out won't happen the way it should and it will just repeat itself. Just give it 3 or 4 days and your rash will go away and you can continue using the deodorant.